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Medium Wind Turbines Turnkey Solutions

200+ installs on the Caribbean Region.

Hurricane and earthquake proof technology makes this wind turbines suitable for remote locations. The guy-wired  titled mast design allows for the turbines ease of installation and mobility when a threat such as a hurricane is present. Due to the amount of energy produced the turbine produces greater revenues and reduced operational costs allowing customers to benefit from the use of wind power for their energy needs.

Wind Turbine Benefits

Easy to install

Thanks to its exclusive self-erecting concept, the GEV MP is astonishingly simple to install, and requires no crane.


The GEV MP can sustain up to Category 4 hurricane winds. This protection is recognized by insurers.

Ground-level maintenance

All maintenance operations can be performed at ground level thanks to the lowering system, which drastically reduces maintenance costs, as well as downtime.

Anti-corrosion treatment

The mast and all exposed parts are protected by a special coating, which ensures effective protection during the entire usage time even in wet, salty, corrosive or abrasive conditions.

Robust design

All parts of GEV MP are made from superior quality materials. Most parts are standard and widely used in many industries, which guarantees their reliability. Major cast com- ponents including rotor hubs are made of spheroidal cast iron. The GEV MP is designed to bear 365 grid outages per year, compared with 20 per year for conventional turbines.

Higher energy production even in hurricane-prone areas

Thanks to its unique lowering system, GEV MP can be installed in places where only reinforced class-1 conventional wind turbines previously could be installed. With a 32-meter rotor and a height of 55-meters, the 804m2 rotor swept area maximizes wind potential.


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