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Microlyte RML series (Lithium)

  1. Design Life >10years
  2. Voltage 48V
  3. Capacity 50Ah & 100Ah

The MICROLYTE RML 48V is compact, robust and incredibly reliable. It is constructed with world-class nano LiFePO4 cathode material to produce fast charging, stable units that are incredibly effective over a wide temperature range – 20°C to + 60°C. The series has been designed for telecom style applications and can be used with 19-inch rack mounts. The relatively small volume and high charge/discharge rates make this range an ideal choice where energy density and space are prime requirements.

The RML nano lithium series is among the first in the market to use lithium to its true potential. SEC formed strategic alliances with world-class material and equipment suppliers to create this series, which uses patented nano technology in both the positive and negative electrodes to increase uniformity, reliability and performance.

The RML has fast response times, high rate discharge and charge capability. Combine this with a cycle life in excess of 2000 cycles to 100% depth of discharge and you get market leading unmatchable performance for all stationary applications.

Hardworking, small and lightweight, the RML lithium range has multiple benefits. The uniformity of the nano-phosphate particle size provides excellent batch stability and enhanced conductivity.

Due to the patented nano material structures, the RML has very high recharge and discharge rates, higher in fact than leading  competitors’ Lithium Iron-Phosphate technologies. Combine all of this with its ability to fully function at temperatures as low as -20°C and you’ll struggle to find a competitor in both price and performance.


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