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Microlyte MP series (AGM)

  1. Design Life >5 Years
  2. Voltage 6 & 12 Volts
  3. Capacity1.2Ah to 250Ah

The SEC Microlyte MP series of VRLA monoblocs are a classic top terminal range of AGM batteries. They were designed as a cost effective but reliable solution for many uses, engineered with lead calcium plates to give them a triple benefit. These AGM batteries provide a competitive battery solution that combines superior gas recombination technology and great energy density. Reliable, versatile and maintenance free – this is a difficult option to beat!

MP AGM batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications from alarm systems, emergency lighting, and UPS to hospital and medical equipment, toys, signalling and IT systems.

The series is available in a wide range of over 50 different 6 volt and 12 volt blocs from 1.3 to 275 Ah in capacity with a choice of standard or V0 rated flame retardent tough ABS cases.

The Microlyte MP range is manufactured in SEC’s ISO approved factories and is backed by a full 1 year warranty as standard.


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