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Microlyte ML series (Lithium)

The Microlyte ML Nano Lithium range is among the first in the market to utilize Lithium to its true potential. We formed strategic alliances with world-class material and equipment suppliers to create the range, which uses Lithium-ion nano-phosphate to increase reliability and performance.

Hardworking, small and lightweight, the ML Lithium range has multiple gains for many applications. The nano-phosphate protects the uniformity of particle sizes allowing excellent batch stability standards and good conductivity. The ML range will quickly recharge and has a high discharge rate with no memory effect.

The ML has notable power density, which makes it perfect for leisure applications like golf carts, electric vehicles, marine and motive applications. Hardworking, small and lightweight, the MICROLYTE Lithium (ML) range has multiple other benefits. The uniformity of the nano-phosphate particle size provides excellent batch stability and enhanced conductivity.

Combine this with its performance indicating bluetoothTM technology to measure the performance and charge life of your Microlyte Lithium with one simple swipe. Plus, with its ability to fully function at temperatures as low as -40o you’ll struggle to find a competitor in both price and performance.


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