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Cellyte ETGB series (Gel)

  1. Design life >20years
  2. Voltage 12V
  3. Capacity 20-200Ah

The CELLYTE 12volt ETGB Gel Series is the latest addition to our renewables range. It’s a German DIN standard OPzV monobloc offering ultra-long life, deep cycling capability and a negligible rate of self-discharge.

Engineered using SEC’s proprietary manufacturing standards, the ETGB combines world-class materials with the latest technology to exceed European standards and provide long-life return on investment.

The ETGB is fitted with SEC’s market-leading CatVentTM catalyst technology. This recombines the hydrogen and oxygen gases during the charging cycle and allows for use in higher temperatures while providing an increased service life.

The tubular plate design is the most advanced in the market. It uses antimony-free Alloy to give you a low discharge workhorse that will tolerate low temperatures and accept high charge rates.

The ETGB allows minimum gas escape during standard charge, these units are explosion proof without external ventilation. This increased safety is ideal in Solar, Telecommunications, Control Systems, UPS and many more critical applications.


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