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Tetrad Energy Lease Program

Distributed generation financing products that allow projects to be deployed with little or no capital.

When your business begins to generate its own power, your utility bill will drop significantly. The combination of your TETRAD LEASE payment and smaller electricity bill is typically less than what you pay the utility company today. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year.

The lease payments may be bundled to include maintenance services, property taxes and insurance. There are many types of leases including capital equipment, operating. The general characteristics of a capital lease are as follows:

  • Appears on the balance sheet as debt for purchase
  • Requires transfer of owner at the end of the lease
  • Specifies the terms of future exchange of ownership
  • Lease term is at least 6 years.
  • Net present value of lease payments is about 90% of the equipment value
  • We structure different financial models tailored for each project need

An operating lease appears as an operating expense in the financial statement.

Utility-scale project Financing contact us so we can help you with your project financial needs.

Tax equity financing,  Equity financing

Under this structure, a developer and tax investor form a holding company that owns the project’s assets (e.g., the real property, the interconnection rights, wind turbine equipment, etc.). The financial institution contributes capital and, in exchange, receives the tax benefits (PTCs and depreciation) and cash distributions during the first ten years the project operates, allowing the investor to recover and earn on its investment. When the tax equity partner has recovered its investment and captured the tax credits, the ownership structure flips. The developer becomes the majority owner and usually has the right to buy out the tax equity investor’s remaining fractional stake. In this way, a developer has built a wind project for a fraction of the installed cost in exchange for handing over the tax credits and cash distributions to the investor.

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