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We are exclusive distributor of FlexEnergy® products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

 The Flex Turbine® is the most reliable small gas turbine generator with proven high up time in harsh environmental conditions.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire FlexEnergy maintains a network of offices and key distribution partners in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia. FlexEnergy acquired Ingersoll Rand’s Energy Systems division in 2010, and has furthered its commitment to developing the Flex Turbine® solution. FlexEnergy engineers and builds the most robust small gas turbine product line bringing together the lowest NOX emissions and best efficiency possible in one standard packaged. With patented combustion and recuperation technology, the Flex Turbine®s have been certified by the California Air Resources Board to its stringent distributed generation natural gas cogeneration standards since 2007. Flex Turbine® purchase is available from Tetrad Energy- Authorized distributor.

Commercial and industrial facilities seeking to meet their CO2 reduction and environmental goals can use the Flex Turbine® for 24/7 Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The Flex Turbine® uses an onboard hot water heat exchanger for an efficient onsite CHP solution, giving energy intensive businesses an alternative to paying for costly utility power and improving their energy efficiency. Effective chiller systems are paired with the Flex Turbine® to reduce facility cooling costs for a 24/7 Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) solution.

Emissions and operating costs are decreased with Flex Turbine® CHP through efficient energy generation paired with ultra-low emissions and energy security.

Durable and proven with over a decade of field experience and was the first gas turbine to be certified to the stringent California Air Resources 2007 Natural Gas Distributed Generation Standard. The Flex Turbine® GT250S continues to reduce emissions and generate valuable energy world-wide at commercial/industrial facilities, landfills, anaerobic digester plants, offshore oil platforms and oil & gas fields.


  • Avoids flaring: Flex Turbine® reliably generates using collected flare gas and vent gas
  • Eliminates diesel usage: Site gas used for power. Diesel fuel no longer needed
  • Clean air: Meets most stringent state and federal requirements for air permitting Low sound
  • GHG Reduction: Facility CO2 footprint reduced with Flex Turbine® CHP

Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy from a rugged and efficient gas turbine.

flexenergy continuous power cogeneration power chp
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Cogeneration is an evolved technology that has a track record of successful applications throughout the world. The early gas turbines built in the 1940s and even the 1950s had efficiencies of about 17 percent because of the low compressor and turbine efficiencies and turbine inlet temperatures due to metallurgical limitations of those times.

The technology has received major advancements and over a century of technical improvements many due to material science and engineering:

1. Turbine inlet “firing” temperature increase: The first step towards gas-turbine efficiency improvement. Made possible thanks to the development of new materials such as coating the turbine blades with ceramic layers which allow temperatures to be increased from 540°C in the 1940’s to 1500°C or even higher today.

2. Turbo-machinery efficiency increase: Computer aided design have allow engineers to design more aerodynamical components. Computer enhanced compressors and turbo design result in greater overall cycle efficiency

3. Basic Cycle modifications: Inter-cooling, reheating and regeneration have nearly doubled the cycle efficiency


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