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A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V., Decentralized Energy systems made in Germany

Fossil and renewable energy solutions will be an essential part of customized energy and heat concepts. In combination they build an elementary basis for all great challenges of energy solutions today and in the future.

We have to fulfill new industry and environmental requests. Whenever controlling or services have to be done, AHT-Energy has optimized the overall process by using state of the art modules and technics (i.e. sensors, hard- and software optimizing, automatized processes). The AHT gas generation system provides the most flexible and clean possibilities to turn fossil and renewable fuels into high-class products as electricity, heat, chemicals or syngas. AHT gas generators stand out due to a high-reliability level and fewer costs for maintenance and services. The combination of gasifying solutions and modern CHPs enables eco-friendly power and heat generation at low emissions. Gas generation solutions can be used in combination with gas burners and fuel cells as well.

Hot gas is mainly generated for direct combustion at furnaces. In this case, it is absolutely necessary, to provide a gas-generation system which generates continually the maximum of combustible gas out of its fuel. By using renewable biomass or biomass-waste products as fuel this process is much more eco-friendly than the normal combustion of fossil fuels.



Thanks to the continuous development,AHT-BMPP is able to produce an extremely clean gas prior to any filtration and cleaning processes.

After the gas cleaning and filtering has taken place the gas is in a condition perfect for combustion in the connected CHP engines. Due to the exceptional purity of the generated syngas, a broad range of gas engines can be utilised.

The combination of all these components leads to a constant and efficient conversion of the biomass fuel into renewable electricity and heat.


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