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Tetrad Enterprises conglomerate company with divisions in Energy , Base-load Cogeneration and Emergency standby Generator, HIgh-Volume Water pump stations

Understanding the conditions utility systems can operate we know that customers are looking for ways of making better predictions about energy costs and increase stability.Reducing loss attributable to non predictable power. The TetradSolution is tailored for each specific project needs and requirements.

For the first time making economically possible to help clients obtain access to environmentally friendly sources of power to maximize the overall system efficiency ensuring that the investment is a longterm operational goal with a sound ROI.

Hydraulically-Driven Large-Volume Submersible Water Pumps that use the power of hydraulics and flexible hoses to drive the impeller. These large water pumps can move considerable amounts of water in a variety of applications.

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Combination of both, heat and power (CHP) into a single process is what makes combined heat and power an efficient alternative to traditional ways of producing power, that encompasses more than 2/3 of electric power generation were the excess heat is not made use of.



Customers looking for a renewable solution can now benefit from wind turbines to maximize the systems (AEP) annual energy production in sites were there is the required wind speed combined with solar. Wind turbines that are equipped with hurricane protection system as well as more than 20 years in harsh condition testing, making the investment a longterm asset, when solar panels have no sunlight wind turbines assist in energy production resulting in a overall more balanced system.

When solar and wind are combined a more stable hybrid power system is made.


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A broad selection of EPA certified emergency standby power generators ready to be configured with the help of our Team to maximize your project needs. When power goes out risk gets high, reduce the risk and plan ahead with a Backup power generator that can help you reduce loss when the lights are out.


Backup Generator


High Volume Water pumps

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Studer Inverters/charge controllers with 10 year Warranty.studer Puerto Rico



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